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Fresh Fixes and Functionality

We've been hard at work behind the scenes improving the Rovi API, and today some of those updates are now available! Set down that drink and see what's new:

Search & Recommendations v2.1
This point release to our Search and Recommendations services brings with it improvements to the consistency of the returned metadata. You can also now search (and get recommendations) for upcoming TV shows.

Additional Match Functionality
Also part of the Search and Recommendations v2.1 release is an expansion of our Match service. You can now use the Match service to locate information about albums, tracks, videos, people, and filenames.

Miscellaneous Updates to the TV API
We've fixed a bug that prevented data from showing up for Service ID 365837, added country codes for parental ratings in the SOAP GetProgramDetails method, and added stet channel supported in GetServiceDetails.

As always, ping us at apisupport@rovicorp.com if you need any help!

Customer Spotlight

Wondering what has been built on Rovi Cloud Services? We're spotlighting just a few standout customers in our Customer Spotlight.

Now with Twitter Verified Account IDs

Rovi has partnered with Twitter to offer you the Twitter verified accounts of celebrities from your favorite movies, TV shows, and more. That way, you can now easily add Tweets directly from featured celebs to your service, and you know they will be coming from the actual source.

Some of the leading entertainment sites and portals use Rovi Data to deepen visitor involvement and monetize their sites. Rovi's very deep and clean database includes reviews, artist bios, music clips and now with Twitter verified accounts. Rovi metadata is curated by a team of 350 people and it is standardized so our customers can easily and dynamically access any piece of it.

To show you what Rovi Data can do for your service with Twitter Verified Account IDs, register for complimentary access to the Rovi Developer Portal. After registering, visit our documentation page to learn more.

New Year, New Features

Happy New Year! We have come a long way in the past year with Rovi Cloud Services, and we’re thrilled to see all the applications built in 2011 (another post on that may come later this month). With our Q4 release, we have added some new features that make our services even more useful for international apps and I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about some of these improved APIs in more detail. 

European "Hot List" Picks

Editorial hotlists are provided by our Hot List Picks API. With this, you can obtain recommended television programs chosen by our editorial team with airing information. We now support several additional European locales including Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland and Sweden. This is in addition to the many North American, European and Latin American countries we already supported. Use this API with your TV Listings application to seed the user with some recommended programming from around the globe!

For more information: http://developer.rovicorp.com/docs/?wikiPage=index.php/V9.RecommendationService:GetRecommendationLists

Easier European Channel Lineups

The second API we have improved is also beneficial for European applications. The GetSourceIDMap API allows you to obtain European lineups by inputting standard identification information. By providing the standard digital video broadcasting IDs from the device (whether it be a STB, TV, or DVD player) known as DVB triplets, this API can return the relevant channel lineups. We have made this API more robust by displaying additional metadata and making certain parameters optional. If you’re developing applications that display European TV Listings, this is an API that you should check out.

This is a premium API.  For more information, contact us at: apisupport@rovicorp.com

Latin American Service Providers

Lastly, the GetServices API, which returns a list of television service offerings for an area, now supports many new Latin American countries.

For more information:


Check out these APIs and as always, ping us at apisupport@rovicorp.com if you need any help! Check out the rest of the Q4 releases here: http://developer.rovicorp.com/forum/read/130307.

2012 should bring plenty more goodies!

Tameez Sunderji
Rovi Cloud Services

Tweet Tweet!

Follow RoviAPI on Twitter Rovi Cloud Services now has a Twitter handle (@RoviAPI).  Follow us to receive product updates, operational notices, and other interesting tidbits about APIs, fluffy clouds, and the rapidly evolving world of digital entertainment!

API Hack Day LA

A few of the Rovi Cloud Services team are at API Hack Day LA today in Santa Monica. Looking forward to seeing what hacks from local devs (well, local to our Southern California team) come up with using our music/movie/tv/search/recommendations APIs.

Wondering what you can get from our APIs? To put it simply, a boatload of data about entertainment content, including:

- Data on 3 million+ programs since 1954
- Data on 2 million album releases and 20 million tracks
- Data on 460,000+ movie titles
- Search and Recommendations on all of the above

Holler at us on Twitter @roviapi if you need support or want to talk about our APIs!

Join Rovi at SF Music Hack Day May 7/8

On the weekend of May 7-8th, developers from around the world will descend upon San Francisco to hack “software + hardware + art + the web” at the SF Music Hack Day.  Rovi is excited to once again be sponsoring this event which invariably produces a wide range of inspiring applications in the music space.

Oh yeah, we’ll also be giving away a $1000 Amex gift card to the Hack Day participant or team, of our choice, that makes the best use of our APIs during Hack Day.   We think that’s a pretty sweet prize.  More details to come on Hack Day.

At the last Hack Day, we had a couple of creative applications built on Rovi Cloud Services:

  • Boxee Music Quiz – A Boxee application that quizzes you on music in your iTunes collection based on metadata provided Rovi
  • Artist Map - A website that uses Rovi metadata on influential artists to visually display where those artists originate (by music genre)

We’re excited to see more applications built that use some of our most powerful features:

  • Broad, deep metadata. We have a vast amount of professionally curated metadata that includes information on over 2.9 million music album releases and 28 million tracks—that’s a lot of data.  Rovi already powers some of the largest and most innovative entertainment sites in the world (including Spotify, Pandora, BestBuy, and others) and our APIs can power your next app!
  • Rich Media. For the weekend, you’ll have access to our catalog of artist images and sound samples to make your applications even more engaging.
  • Powerful recommendation and discovery tools. Find similar artists, songs and albums to power music discovery applications.  Or use our metadata, compiled by our expert team of musicologists, around album styles, moods, and themes.

We can already envision some of the applications that could easily be built on our APIs:

  • Music discovery visualization app that lets you start with an artist and navigate visually to related artists (influencers, followers, collaborators, associated with, etc), group members, and/or similar artists
  • App that pulls concert listings based on your location and supplements results with metadata from Rovi.  Lets users search for artists and find their concert listings. Uses RCS Recommendations API to suggest similar artists, and displays their concert listings. Lets you look up concerts based on mood, theme, decade, etc. (using RCS filter/browse API)
  • App that looks at your favorite artists from another service and determines which of your friends you have the most in common with from a music standpoint, using the artists named as well as similar artists. 

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have ideas or questions in advance—we’re always reachable at apisupport@rovicorp.com

We look forward to seeing you registered developers there!

Q2 2011 Release Notes

The team has been hard at work making various improvements to Rovi Cloud Services this past quarter. 

A production release will occur on Tuesday, April 12, 2011.  Most items are related to new features and improvements but it is advised you look at the full release notes to understand any changes to the way the services work.

Full details can be found here

Please contact us at if you have any questions about this release!


Welcome to Rovi Cloud Services!  Already, Rovi and our customers have built a number of exciting applications and sites using Rovi Cloud Services, including web sites, TV listings apps and music discovery apps. Now, we're excited to open up our APIs and can't wait to see the interesting applications that get built atop them.

We invite you to bookmark this site or subscribe to our RSS feed, as we will continue to rollout new features and refine our current APIs, including several new features over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, please feel free to provide comments and suggestions in our forums, or contact us directly at apisupport@rovicorp.com.

The Rovi Cloud Services team

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