Tivo Cloud Services Developer Blog

Fresh Fixes and Functionality

We've been hard at work behind the scenes improving the Rovi API, and today some of those updates are now available! Set down that drink and see what's new:

Search & Recommendations v2.1
This point release to our Search and Recommendations services brings with it improvements to the consistency of the returned metadata. You can also now search (and get recommendations) for upcoming TV shows.

Additional Match Functionality
Also part of the Search and Recommendations v2.1 release is an expansion of our Match service. You can now use the Match service to locate information about albums, tracks, videos, people, and filenames.

Miscellaneous Updates to the TV API
We've fixed a bug that prevented data from showing up for Service ID 365837, added country codes for parental ratings in the SOAP GetProgramDetails method, and added stet channel supported in GetServiceDetails.

As always, ping us at cloudsupport@xperi.com if you need any help!