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Now with Twitter Verified Account IDs

Rovi has partnered with Twitter to offer you the Twitter verified accounts of celebrities from your favorite movies, TV shows, and more. That way, you can now easily add Tweets directly from featured celebs to your service, and you know they will be coming from the actual source.

Some of the leading entertainment sites and portals use Rovi Data to deepen visitor involvement and monetize their sites. Rovi's very deep and clean database includes reviews, artist bios, music clips and now with Twitter verified accounts. Rovi metadata is curated by a team of 350 people and it is standardized so our customers can easily and dynamically access any piece of it.

To show you what Rovi Data can do for your service with Twitter Verified Account IDs, register for complimentary access to the Rovi Developer Portal. After registering, visit our documentation page to learn more.

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  1. Shamanicmedia10 years ago

    great services

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