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Join Rovi at SF Music Hack Day May 7/8

On the weekend of May 7-8th, developers from around the world will descend upon San Francisco to hack “software + hardware + art + the web” at the SF Music Hack Day.  Rovi is excited to once again be sponsoring this event which invariably produces a wide range of inspiring applications in the music space.

Oh yeah, we’ll also be giving away a $1000 Amex gift card to the Hack Day participant or team, of our choice, that makes the best use of our APIs during Hack Day.   We think that’s a pretty sweet prize.  More details to come on Hack Day.

At the last Hack Day, we had a couple of creative applications built on Rovi Cloud Services:

  • Boxee Music Quiz – A Boxee application that quizzes you on music in your iTunes collection based on metadata provided Rovi
  • Artist Map - A website that uses Rovi metadata on influential artists to visually display where those artists originate (by music genre)

We’re excited to see more applications built that use some of our most powerful features:

  • Broad, deep metadata. We have a vast amount of professionally curated metadata that includes information on over 2.9 million music album releases and 28 million tracks—that’s a lot of data.  Rovi already powers some of the largest and most innovative entertainment sites in the world (including Spotify, Pandora, BestBuy, and others) and our APIs can power your next app!
  • Rich Media. For the weekend, you’ll have access to our catalog of artist images and sound samples to make your applications even more engaging.
  • Powerful recommendation and discovery tools. Find similar artists, songs and albums to power music discovery applications.  Or use our metadata, compiled by our expert team of musicologists, around album styles, moods, and themes.

We can already envision some of the applications that could easily be built on our APIs:

  • Music discovery visualization app that lets you start with an artist and navigate visually to related artists (influencers, followers, collaborators, associated with, etc), group members, and/or similar artists
  • App that pulls concert listings based on your location and supplements results with metadata from Rovi.  Lets users search for artists and find their concert listings. Uses RCS Recommendations API to suggest similar artists, and displays their concert listings. Lets you look up concerts based on mood, theme, decade, etc. (using RCS filter/browse API)
  • App that looks at your favorite artists from another service and determines which of your friends you have the most in common with from a music standpoint, using the artists named as well as similar artists. 

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have ideas or questions in advance—we’re always reachable at cloudsupport@xperi.com

We look forward to seeing you registered developers there!